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Combating the Climate Crisis

Adam Schiff speaking at an event
The Green New Deal is not just a bold plan for climate action, it is also an urgent call to invest in growing a modern, green economy that is equitable and just for all.”
Adam Schiff

Combating the Climate Crisis

  • We need a Green New Deal and major new green investments.
  • It’s time to create a new green economy. It’s our only path forward.
  • The U.S. must lead the world in clean energy adoption.

Climate change is real, our planet is on fire, and we must act. Now.

That seems like common knowledge, but half of our country’s political structure still refutes that simple truth. And worse, refuses to act on it.

With so much at stake, when the Green New Deal was introduced, I was an original co-sponsor. And I want to tell you why.

The Green New Deal is not just a bold plan for addressing climate change and beginning to right the ship, it also is an urgent call to invest in growing a modern, green economy that is equitable and just for all.

Income and wealth inequality – already at historic levels before the pandemic – have exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic. We must get millions back to work, we must rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and we must invest in creating a green economy that works for all. And as other countries are investing at record rates, the United States continues to fall behind.

For far too long, our heads have been stuck in the sand, and our politics at loggerheads. But we are experiencing the devastating impacts of climate change now. We can’t wait any longer.

So what does the Green New Deal do?

The Green New Deal calls for the long-neglected public investment in clean energy technologies, jobs, and sources. It would set us on a path to rebuild our roads, bridges, and railways, weatherize homes and buildings, remove toxic lead from pipes and paint, guarantee clean water to all, modernize our electrical grids, invest in the clean energy jobs of the future, and so much more.

This landmark legislation importantly and rightly focuses on people and environmental justice. People are the ones who will suffer and have already suffered the worst effects of climate change, especially disadvantaged communities and people of color. And it will help level the playing field while creating millions of good-paying union jobs to build up this new economy.

We need to muster the political will to pass big bold provisions just the Green New Deal. For our planet, and for the future – there is no better time than now.

We all need to stand by the young activists and political leaders championing this movement. It’s the right thing to do. Let’s protect our planet.